CONFETTI & FOG FX has the expertise to deliver the winter effects you need. From a snowy pack shot in a studio to winter landscape with falling snow, from a light flurry to a severe blizzard, we will give you the shots you need or the look you want and leave any location exactly as you found it. The snow appears on command and disappears like Magic, evaporating upon contact. It requires absolutely no clean-up and can be used indoors & outdoors. There is no trace of the effect after the event, only the magical memories remain. We have the safest, most Eco-friendly and realistic snowfall effect available on the market. Now you can bring the magic of a realistic snowfall to your venue! This effect can be accomplished in any environment and in any size venue! Combine the snow fall with high-tech lighting and a laser-light show and you will have an unforgettable visual effect that will leave audiences breathless. This effect is really popular for Christmas, Christmas in July events, & Winter Wonderland themed events.

CONFETTI & FOG FX uses only the best equipment and fluids for all our snow displays. Our equipment consist of SNOWMASTERS & CITC FX products only. Beware of the cheap machines and fluid used by other companies. Why pay the same price for a dull snow shoot, when you can have the same machines used by DISNEY and UNIVERSAL at your event. With one of our machines, the other guys don't even come close with three of theirs.

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